Keep Parents Update

Updating parents on your child’s day is especially important to us. Below are the ways we keep you connected to your child’s day.


Be sure to look at our emails. These emails contain important updates, and curriculum information. This is also where we will announce any important events.

Daily Communication Through Brightwheel Mobile App

You will receive updates on your child’s day through your mobile phone. Updates include developmental activities, bathroom updates, food updates, and other notes.

We hope to meet you and your family soon!

Verbal Communication

Teachers will verbally go over your child’s day with you. Giving you updates on what they worked on developmentally, and how their day was in general. Feel free to engage with the teachers and ask questions as well!

My Bright Day Boards

This board lists the top developmental activities/assignments/lessons the children worked on. These can be used for conversation points when discussing your child’s day with their teacher.

ExpParent Boards

There is a parent board displaying lunch menu, snack menu, classroom schedule, and developmental standards.

Social Media

Please join us on social media! Our teachers regularly post photos and updates on our Facebook page which will help you stay connected with our school.

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