About Us

Bright Babies

Our infant program is designed to provide babies with a variety of skills to build confidence for further discovery

Early Explorers

Discovery continues in our toddler classes as children develop social awareness. Cognitive and motor development are enhanced

Little Learners

Children continue to develop as inquisitiveness grows. We provide opportunities for individuality and independence.

Kindergarten Readiness

At Growing Bright, our Kindergarten Readiness students are preparing for a formal kindergarten program.

Growing Bright Preschool (GBP) was created to meet the needs of our community. We are very hands-on and dedicated to our preschool. We truly believe that we have assembled the best teachers, highest quality curriculum, and perfect learning environment for children. Our children attend our school and loves them as much as we do! Our door is always open, and we love hearing from our families. We look forward to helping your children grow bright along with ours at our preschool!

When your child joins us for their early education, you can feel confident that we’re going to make their experience as rich and rewarding as possible. Conducting annual assessments is one way we make sure we’re helping your child meet key academic, physical, language, and social-emotional milestones. Plus, they give you and our teachers valuable insight into your child’s strengths and areas for growth.

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